About Kaleidocent

Kaleidocent partners with companies in a variety of industries to plan growth strategies & build the internal capabilities needed to drive results.

Amelia Newbury

Founder & Senior Consultant

Amelia has more than twenty years of experience creating winning strategy and high-performance teams that drive growth. She has launched and grown five companies from start-up to success; two of these businesses were incubated inside complex organizations and successfully spun out to become eCornell and LeveragePoint. The other three have grown significantly and continue to thrive, with one of them achieving exit through acquisition.

Before becoming an independent consultant, Amelia served as the Chief Operating Officer at the Authentic Leadership Institute where she set product strategy into motion and grew the company by several multiples in revenue. Amelia also served as the Chief Content Officer, and interim Chief Executive Officer for a Healthcare technology company recently acquired by Relias Learning (a Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaAcompany). This acquisition was directly related to the strategic vision, product leadership and a technology platform that Amelia built while at the company.

Prior to that, Amelia was an Associate Partner at the Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte), a global strategy consulting firm established by Michael Porter where she worked with clients on Strategic Positioning, Marketing Strategy, Results Driven Change, and Organizational Behavior projects in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Technology, Beer & Wine industries.

Amelia approaches market strategy holistically by partnering with clients to consider the industry trends, competitive positioning, and the differentiation points for the offering before diving into the creation and selection of strategies. Amelia also believes that in today’s volatile and uncertain world a strategic plan is a living and organic document. She works with clients to keep strategy fresh and to launch small 90-day demonstration projects to test strategic impact before deep investments are made.

Amelia is an accomplished facilitator, helping senior leaders and their teams to establish new working dynamics in tough organizational contexts. As an example, Amelia recently facilitated a cross-functional workshop for 45 PhD and MD scientists and their senior leaders to establish new cross-team collaboration norms under extreme time pressure. She used an approach that put learning immediately into action and led the team through exercises to solve real engineering problems live in the room. Amelia also facilitates strategic retreats, team building exercises, and helps small groups with conflict resolution. She was the 3M sponsored presenter on Leadership Purpose at the 2016 NetImpactConference and facilitates Authentic Leadership programs for the Center for Collaborative Leadership.

Amelia holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior from Cornell University where she also studied Organizational Development at the graduate level. Amelia is an inventor and holds rights to several US Patents including USPTO #7082418.